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My name is Tai Mattox and I'm here to help you slow down.


In a world where multi-tasking, high productivity, efficiency, speed and external gratification reign, I create space for you to slow down, get still and connect with your inner guidance. Sometimes, that connection looks like rest and relaxation. Sometimes, it looks like epiphanies and a-ha moments. Other times, it's a simple recognition of grace and gratitude.


Slowing down gives us an opportunity to pull back and take an aerial view. When we're busy racing through life at full speed, we can only see what's directly in front of us. And there is so much more going on than what is directly in front of us.

I offer a variety of experiences to help you slow down, including Vibrational Sound Therapy, mindfulness and meditation classes and presentations, sound baths, gentle yoga, and aromatherapy (doTERRA essential oils).

Are you ready to slow down with me? It would be my privilege to be your guide. 

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